Branding & Graphics

Whether you call it ‘Corporate Design’, ‘Visual Identity’ or Corporate Branding’, this is one area where you must get the message right.  All these fancy titles basically mean the same thing: establishing a visual bond between your business and the people connected to it: employees, contractors, partners… but most importantly: your customers. Why is this important? Well, “company”, “business” or “brand”…these are just abstract terms, right? Until you give them some visual form that will represent them to the outside world: Because that’s the way to get people to remember you and differentiate from the competition! And this is not just about a logo. The search for a perfect visual identity needs to start from much deeper grounds by defining the corporate colors, fonts and basic shapes. Based on these core elements, a logo is created.

Now, any additional materials, prints or merchandise must be created on the basis of the new graphic fundamentals. So… letterheads, envelopes, business cards, mugs, T-shirts or even cars… all these should respect the defined styling. This is how you build coherence and consistency across visible components of your business, which strongly increases your trustworthiness and brand credibility.

That is why we have developed a strategic process, tailored to your target audience, which is proven to uncover and promote the unique selling points of any business, and present these to any specific target audience. From strategic and business objectives to competitor analysis and consumer propositions, we look at every aspect of how your business is perceived. We then use our creative skills to establish and deliver your key messages across as many platforms as required to reach your goals. From a simple logo design to an entire visual identity, your refreshed brand identity will work alongside a powerful library of marketing tools and collateral to promote your company both on and offline. Together with your help, we will find the right core elements for your branding, design a visually appealing logo appropriate for your business field, and also produce any of the additional materials. And by “producing” I also mean that we can manage all the printing for you and deliver just the final outputs.

Promote Clarity in Your Strategy

A proven process to uncover your unique selling points, and present them in a way to appeal to, and attract your target audience.

Deliver Your Key Messages

The ability to convey your key values and unique selling points, and create key messages and sales tactics to win new business.

Understand Your Target Audience

Ensure that your communications appeal to, and attract the right customers, whether local or global.

Gain An Edge On Your Competition

Competitor analysis and strategies that help your business lead in your chosen markets.

Create a Cohesive Brand Identity

A library of templates and collateral to ensure your on and offline identity is presented in a clear and consistent manner.

Enable 3rd Parties Effectively

We can create user-friendly brand guidelines to ensure your image is presented consistently when used on third party marketing materials.

Address Any Negative Perceptions

Negative preconceptions of any company or brand are potentially disastrous. A refreshed identity will inspire customers and staff to act and think differently about your company.

Create A Multi-Channel identity

Marketing collateral to promote your online presence, such as email footers, social media pages and email marketing templates, all designed to sit alongside your offline materials such as stationery, brochures, direct mail and advertising.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines help you to clarify your company values and ensure that your team understands why you do things the way you do. To truly make the most of an exceptional brand, it needs to be presented the right way, every time.

We’ll help you clarify your brand, so that each member of your team has access to a ‘cheat sheet’ of brand standards.

Whether it’s your distinctive visual style or use of language, grammar and ‘tone of voice’, each element will help your team understand the how and why of your company brand. This is essential for larger businesses demonstrating consistent quality and new start-ups looking to make an impression, brand guidelines are your key to an applicable company brand.

Logo Design

Bespoke logo design can help customers remember your name and prompt an emotional response. When piecing together such a small but significant design, companies repeatedly make the same mistakes. Adding in too much detail, being too literal and even imitating other brands are all strict no no’s. Our design team has put years of practice into choosing the right imagery, spacing, composition, typeface, color. We know what works.

Your logo should be unique and help to define your audience – and we’ll ask you the right questions to achieve that goal. During the initial sketch phase, we’ll discuss the values and imagery that you want to get across and design our drafts accordingly. The key to our logo design is to attract your ideal audience, and create a unique and memorable design each and every time.

Brochure Design

We’re a digital agency, but we know that an eye-catching brochure design can be a powerful marketing tool and a memorable touchpoint with your prospects. Whether you hand it out in person or deliver it direct to your prospect’s desk, a clear and concise brochure can give your business a tangible sense of quality.

Your brochure design will help you piece together the essentials, highlighting the most useful and effective information to appeal to your audience. We’ll help you to assess your content so only the most relevant and readable information is included – meaning your final design will be a streamlined showcase of what you can offer. Give structure, clarity and brand recognition to your offline marketing, so your prospects are ready to take their next steps with your business.

Print Design

Each print design will capture your brand while tapping into our experienced creative design team to craft something impacting and memorable. By targeting your specific audience, you can get creative with your concept. We’ll think about the kind of problems that your audience will face – and how your business can help to deliver a solution. We’re not interested in sending spam styled flyers or dated brochures.

Ee want to deliver print to be proud of – the kind of campaigns that get passed around the office and shared with colleagues. From concept to delivery, we will work with your team to create print design that offers genuine value and impacting brand awareness, and that will achieve results when forming part of your overall brand management.