Mobile Applications

You’ve arrived here today because you’re looking for help. You could just have an idea or you might be a VP of Marketing at a Fortune 100 company. Between our apps, industry talks, blog, media appearances, best-selling book, and other resources, we’ve helped thousands of people ship successful apps since 2009. At The Web Specialists, our approach is based upon the idea that we are an extension of your team. The days of an outside agency disappearing for weeks (or months) at a time only to present something you might just not like does not work in an always-on, 24-7 culture. We have a different way to develop or mobile applications … and our customers love it.

Full Transparency

To ensure we operate as a single, cohesive team, you’ll get access to our entire suite of tools. What we see, you see. Each idea, code commit, or design concept is put into a shared space. You don’t just get an email that shows what we did when we’re done. Instead, we work closely with you throughout our process. The result is that you’ll only ever be surprised in a good way.

Full IP Access

We do better than assigning intellectual property rights, we give you real-time access to all your IP from day one. It’s your idea, we’re just bringing it to life. From the first day of working together, you’ll be added to a repository that houses the source code, a folder with your design files, and comparable access. Most firms deliver intellectual property such as design files or source code upon the completion of your app.

Demonstrable Progress

Within as little as 2-3 weeks, you’ll begin getting a working version of your app to install on your device. There’s nothing like watching your app come alive. Each week we deliver a build of your app with release notes on what’s new, updated, fixed, or in progress. You can even shake your device to send us a comment, capture difficult to track bugs, or screenshot something that looks wrong.

No Long Term Contract

We’re always incentivised to complete work on time and exceed your expectations because there’s no contract lock-in. Our operating model also doesn’t need the traditional high deposits required by outside firms before they’ll start any work. You’ll get the benefits of a fixed project estimate, which typically require upwards of 50% upfront, with the flexibility of an hourly rate.

How We Work With Mobile Applications

The Steps To A Successful Deliverable


Understanding your app’s uncontested market space is key to making your competition irrelevant. We take your app apart and put it back together again, helping it stand out in the app stores.

Interface Design

The interface of your app creates an emotional connection with your audience. They’ll tap, swipe, and pinch it. We’ll craft a beautiful, functional design with your specific users in mind.


Your app needs an identity and we’ll help create one with you. This can include selecting typography, color palettes, iconography, and even producing a logo, if required.


Developing a great app goes beyond it just working. It has to be fast, fluid, and exhilarating. We spend time on the polish while using platforms like Parse and Firebase to allow it to scale.

Customer Experience

Whether its an app store description, educating new users about your app, or even a support request, we’ll make all interactions with you and your app delightful.


With 15+ featured apps, we have direct relationships with the major app stores, influential app sites, and our own large following. We’ll make it easy for the press to write about your app.


Letting data help drive decisions is key to not being blinded by opinion. We’re experts on Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and others tools while supplementing hard data with industry trends.


There’s nothing worse than having an amazing app with little to no web presence. We create sleek, app-focused landing pages, microsites, and even blogs that will align to your app.